18 Jul

Dads will travel for events if it’s worth it to them

How far are you willing to travel to do something with your kids?

As I host my own Cool4Dads Certified Events or I am asked to participate in an event a company is hosting, I am starting to notice that more and more dads will travel for fun.

#FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym Dad Travels

And I don’t mean those 5 minute walks to a venue around the way type of outings. I have seen dads like myself drive an hour away for an event with ease. I have seen dads come from all over NYC to my borough of Staten Island for a Cool4Dads Certified Event.

Dads will travel if its something they want to expose their kids to or if its something dad really loves. Those same dads are also good at understanding that an event can be a hit or miss and know that dope events don’t always come around your way.

Exposing your kids to new things

#FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym Dad Travel

Growing up my dads would try his hardest to expose me to new things. We were poor so we were very limited in what we could afford to try. He relied heavily on free or low-cost activities but most of the time those type of events came with some traveling woes.

We would ride the train for hours just to try something new for 30-60 minutes. That’s not easy but when you want to expose your kids to new things, you will have to travel to do so. Thanks dad, you’re a gangster for that.

#FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym Dad Travel

The amount of traveling doesn’t always matter to dads because they know that exposing their kids to new thoughts can lead to a lifetime of memories.

Traveling is nothing when dad wants to do something he likes.

#FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym Dad Travel

I live vicariously through my kids and always look for things I always wanted to try or do for them to do. So sometimes a little traveling is nothing compared to the actual moment.

This became even more evident as I hosted our 2nd “Boxing With Your Kids” event with Crunch Gym on Staten Island. Our 1st event with Crunch was such a hit that we had to do it again.

I saw dads come from all over NYC for this one and many see Staten Island as the forgotten borough of NYC. It’s easy to get to but many New Yorkers feel it’s out of the way.

#FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym Dad Travel

Events like this don’t happen everywhere, so if you loved boxing or exercising you had to come to Staten Island to get it in. It was that simple and dads made it happen.

I even had one dad take an uber from Queens, which I know cost him some paper, just so he could do our boxing event and ride the ferry back with his daughter. He was able to do 2 things he loved to do and have his daughter try something new. If they like something they will do it!

They understand it can be a hit or miss event

#FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym Dad Travel

One thing I have learned going to over 100 kids events is that nothing is ever guaranteed. You might find something you always wanted to do, you might be willing to travel for it, but are you willing to hold that L (loss aka miss) when things don’t go as planned?

Dads that are willing to travel for their kid’s happiness are very good at understanding that unless you did this event before, it might be good or it might totally suck.

That’s just what it is. How you handle that loss if there is one, is the real magic. When things work out as planned everyone is happy, but when it sucks, whooooa kids can complain. Sometimes dads complain even more lol.

#FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym Dad Travel

Dads that are willing to travel learn how to deal with a great event as well as a bad event. If its good they share it with friends and plan on doing it again. If it sucks, they usually brush it off, promise to never do it again and keep it moving like bosses!

Don’t ever tell me dope dads won’t travel

#FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym Dad Travel

Let’s keep it real, waking up to travel for an event with your kids isn’t easy, but you know whats harder? Hearing your kids tell other kids or friends that they never get to try anything because you don’t like to take them anywhere.

That shit sucks but more and more dads are starting to get the picture. They are willing to travel even if the event might suck because they want to expose their kids to new things. Sometimes they even do it to live vicariously through them like I do lol

No matter the reasons, those efforts can go a long way and dope dads like that should always be saluted!

Salutes to all those dads making that effort and salutes to the people creating those opportunities for dads.

How far have you traveled to have some fun with your kids? Hit me up on IG and let me know.

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